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10 months ago

Showcase your amazing builds, structures and more in here! Those should only be built in NiceCraft, and advertising isn't allowed!

Rules still apply, no format.

Do not post your builds replying to this post.

10 months ago
Introducing yourself

On this thread, you can introduce yourself to the forum members!

Please do not share too much info, as it may be a risk to you.

Rules still apply.

There's no format! 

10 months ago
Asking Staff

Do you have a question to ask staff? This is the thread to do it so!

This channel does not have a format, but random and troll topics will be deleted.

Rules still apply.

10 months ago
Ideas and Feedback (Read me)

Ideas & Feedback

Have any ideas for our server or some feedback post it here!

This thread does not have a format!


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10 months ago
Reporting Players (Read me)

Hello, if you need to report a player this is the right thread to do it!


Username: [Name of user you want to report]

Reason: [The reason you want to report them]

Time: [Ex: Approximately 2 days ago]

Evidence: [Evidence preferably YouTube / Imgur ]

Rules of Reporting

1 - False / troll reportings will be auto-denied by a staff member, and you might be punished.

2 - Posting a report without evidence will never get accepted.

3 - Shaming others for breaking rules in your report will result in you facing punishment.

4 - Threats to other members in your report will result in you facing heavy punishment.

5 - Be nice.  


Q:What can I report a player for?

A:You can report a player for anyone breaking rules, you can find our rules in our discord.

Q:When will my report get checked?

A:It takes a maximum of 24 hours, if you get no response DM a staff member directly.

Q:My report got denied for nothing!

A:If you think your report got denied for nothing, feel free to contact a staff member.

! If you have any other questions feel free to DM a staff member !


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